Whatsapp Bulk SMS Service


Mass SMS services have been growing steadily for many years. Over the past few years, instant messaging applications like Whatsapp have grown significantly. What is Whatsapp Bulk SMS? Whatsapp bulk SMS india does the same job as Mass SMS, but messages are delivered via Whatsapp. Communicate with your customers using the streaming features available in Whatsapp.

With Whatsapp marketing bulk SMS, you can easily send large numbers of WhatsApp messages to your target customers. As you know, WhatsApp is the best tool for messaging and is almost free. It has everything which includes SMS, MMS, etc. This application can attract local business customers more than anything else. It could be the best local marketing resource.

WhatsApp can be accessed on all smartphone platforms, including Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. Everyone uses it because there is no need to visit the website, enter details, and confirm and you can use the ID. Not just SMS, it can also send customers' the latest product images and company coupons without having to pay the expensive cost of MMS. You can also send the GPS location of the defined store. It also supports audio, video, and emoji icons. So WhatsApp can do everything easily that SMS and email services cannot do.

You can easily interact with your customers via WhatsApp SMS. You can send Stream coupon images, promotional messages, emoji icons, store locations, and even movies directly to your customers' smartphones. You can preview WhatsApp messaging regardless of the type of business message as well. Send critical messages reliably and save on shipping costs. This is a very new and efficient form of mobile marketing. whatsapp bulk sms service in delhi is compatible with a variety of languages, including Punjabi, Gujarati, English, Hindi, Bengali, and more. Don't hesitate to try WhatsApp mass SMS services and contact the best bulk whatsapp sms service provider.

The WhatsApp SMS has experienced a real explosion in recent years. Beyond its attractive opening rate, text messaging is also the most cost-effective, simple, and quick way to implement a marketing campaign. The WhatsApp SMS reaches all your contacts from the mobile phone at once with a high return on investment. Whatsapp bulk sms service in India is a digital marketing practice that consists of sending mass text messages to multiple recipients, intending to achieve communication with subscribers and customers or to promote the operations using whatsapp message service provider and software.

Thanks to its immediate nature, it allows us to be in contact with them and maintain a direct and instant relationship on their mobile phones. In fact, text messaging can be used for any type of solution. From rewarding customer loyalty with personalized offers on their products and generating more traffic with promotions, to capping new buyers.

Key Functions of the Whatsapp business gateway

  • A new generation of multi-platform mobile devices that can reach their customers via their mobile phone number directly on the most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp.
  • A versatile channel suitable for all types of business notifications (reservation confirmation, delivery alert, order notification, 2FA authentication, bidirectional conversations, critical warnings, etc.)
  • A significant reduction in the cost of sending mobile messages since a push WhatsApp notification is cheaper than sending an SMS.
  • Business access to whatsapp bulk sms service regardless of the size of your company.
  • A simplified, fast, and turnkey connection of all WhatsApp business functions thanks to our simplified API and without additional development.
  • Maximum compatibility for news programs worldwide, suitable for all operating systems, devices, devices, and providers (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).
  • A detailed follow-up of the delivery of WhatsApp messages with the provision of recognition and reading in real-time.
  • Secure communication through encryption and end-to-end encryption.
  • Highly available architecture with 24/7 monitoring and monitoring, automatic backups, or server redundancy.

Benefits of mass SMS in an online marketing strategy


    • Instant delivery:

The sending of WhatsApp SMS is very fast, which puts our message in the pockets of the recipient in a matter of nanoseconds. Other marketing strategies are very fast. However, none matches the speed of the whatsapp bulk SMS company in India.

    • Most of the WhatsApp SMS are read:

The main advantage of whatsapp bulk sms provider and marketing is that approximately 5 billion people in the world use a mobile phone, which makes the delivery and opening rate much higher than normal.

    • We read the messages within 3 minutes of receiving them:

It is estimated that 90% of the messages we consume are made within three minutes after receiving them. These data indicate that the main difference between email and WhatsApp SMS is open rates.

    • It is a powerful channel to interact with our customers:

Consider the number of users who send messages daily and the estimated frequency, we will know that this. If we channel is an excellent way to interact with our customers. It is a system that has priority over any other means of communication.

    • It has a lower monetary investment:

Whatsapp bulk sms price are very low, which is an advantage since our campaigns can be executed with only a small monetary investment. whatsapp bulk sms service is very important for an SME because, with it, they generate a high return on investment.

    • It is a reliable tool:

Many of us hate seeing our email tray full of spam or other mail filters. For our benefit, WhatsApp SMS have no barriers and achieve a direct relationship with our customer base, being more effective than any other marketing strategy.

    • The messages are usually short:

The fact that text messages only have 160 characters already gives us a great advantage in digital marketing. Because it forces us to be clear and concise with our customers. We must ensure that the content offered is always relevant to them, so the WhatsApp SMS must be perfect and arrive at the right time without anything unnecessary.

    • We can customize the SMS:

In addition to making the messages short, we can also customize them and deliver them to the recipient's pocket within seconds. For that, it is important to take into account the buying behaviour and location, which will achieve a unique and powerful impact on our recipients. 

    • Positioning of our brand:

The goal is to put our brand in front of the customer immediately. Any whatsapp bulk sms service campaign that does not indicate it beforehand or, worse, that does not have any brand, will have a negative impact on the opening rates. We must remember that ongoing conversations are based on context, so knowing our target audience and finding ways to talk directly with it is very important.

The mobile, the great ally for an effective mass SMS strategy

The success of WhatsApp SMS Marketing strategies is due to the power of the mobile in today's society.

  • 80% of Internet users have a smartphone.
  • 48% of consumers look for purchases via mobile. This is interesting considering that SMS can include specific links and landing pages.
  • People spend most of the time with their smartphones.
  • 9 out of 10 users use smartphones for a purchase process.

Considering the fortunes of these devices, what could make us think that WhatsApp SMS Marketing is not effective?


The sending and receiving of WhatsApp SMS are possible, thanks to the robust mobile phone infrastructure composed of satellite repeaters. These remote hubs create control and communication channels.

When we send a text message, it travels through one of these control channels to the corresponding repeater, which directs it to the receiver's control channel. Text messages can contain up to 160 characters each. Still, modern services like whatsapp bulk sms service company in delhi can automatically divide longer messages to send the full text.

The use of the mobile phone in the mass sending of WhatsApp SMS allows us to send short sentences that do not require a complete phone call. That is why we now use it for digital marketing strategies and send short messages, sometimes accompanied by links to websites, directly to our clients' mobile phones. whatsapp marketing packages is the new standard for quick text communication.

What service provider need is a professional and functional sending platform to deliver your WhatsApp SMS.

A platform where they can customize the sender and the content of the WhatsApp SMS with each shipment, automatically entering data such as the name of the recipient of the city in which he lives.

Also, schedule shipments on pre-established dates or after an event. Have modules for surveys and automatic configurations, involvement campaigns, and reactivation of your users. The best bulk whatsapp sms provider delhi can even create non-disturbing areas, so as not to send the WhatsApp SMS at night.

What makes a WhatsApp SMS service provider good?

Reliability is the main factor to look for when choosing a service provider. A trusted supplier will always meet the quality requirements and the dates and times that were established from the beginning, so the daily activities of the company will not be affected. Something very important is knowing what backup systems the provider offers. That is, if everything goes wrong, how and with what will you respond to the company. 

Fundamental when choosing a supplier is to obtain verifiable references of the same. It allows evaluating in a live voice of their clients, how the experience has been when hiring and in the time. It is vital to know how many years of experience the provider has in the market. If it has a presence on the internet, on Google, on social networks, if there are articles and videos published for the provider or not. In the digital age, if the provider has less than 50 or 100 mentions on the internet, or is a new provider or is an unknown provider. Verify well who you are going to entrust your information and processes before you start sharing information. 

Points to keep in mind when choosing a Whatsapp SMS provider – 

  • The importance of the input for the business:

How much it impacts the input or service to the business. What return on investment does the business generate? Can we give ourselves the "luxury" of a good supplier or not? 

  • The general profile of the provider:

You have to evaluate if the provider is recognized if you have enough years of experience and especially what is your ability to respond. This also includes size, geographic location, and quality standards. 

  • References and customers:

The supplier will always talk well about your business, but you should research with current customers and look for references. It is not easy for competition to tell you prices, but in different sectors, it is known who has a good reputation and who does not. 

  • Technology and infrastructure:

It is essential to visit the facilities of the strategic suppliers to obtain information about their logistics processes. The quality of their offices and personnel, the processes used, among other issues.

  • Philosophy and way of working: 

Having a provider that does not share the company's work ethic is generally a recipe for disaster. The philosophy and way of working involve aspects such as professionalism, care of your information, meeting deadlines, the degree of formality, the importance of quality and flexibility. 

  • After-Sales: 

The post-sale service talks a lot about the commitment and seriousness of the supplier. If you talk about technology, extended warranties, service levels (SLA), support, and technical service are important factors. The productive advice, and in the case of products, the option of return of merchandise or cancellation of the contract in case the service is not adequate. Or the acceptance of reasonable penalties by the supplier in case of a breach, are other aspects to consider.

These are some of the points to keep in mind when choosing a WhatsApp SMS provider and whatsapp bulk sms service.